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Category Archives: News

Way of the Master Season 4

I haven’t had time to post anything for awhile, I’ve been busy working as producer/director/lead editor on Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort’s TV show, The Way of the Master. I’m having the time of my life! I will try to get some photos and/or video up soon.

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Dirt Magazine Interview

I’m amazed at how well Hammertime has been received by the biking community this past week. Here’s an interview with little ol’ me from a Mountain Bike magazine based in the UK: Dirt Magazine Interview. If only my mamma surfed the www, she’d be proud of her little Eddie.

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Dirt Magazine UK

Hammertime is getting more magazine coverage, this time it’s from across the pond: Dirt Mountainbike Magazine. Long live the queen!!!

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Ride BMX News

Just two days after being posted, Hammertime has already been viewed over 3,000 times! The MTB and BMX bloggers have been passing it around and today I noticed it made front page news on the Ride BMX site. Pretty cool!

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Shock pt. Two

When I was a kid I used to look at the BMX magazines at the local convenience store. The shock of my teen years came the day I opened BMX PLUS magazine and found a photo of myself getting air at the Del Mar Skatepark. This morning I’m reliving that experience as I’ve found myself...

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Art Institute

Last year I had the very cool opportunity of teaching the video editing class at the Art Institute of San Bernardino. This year I decided not to teach so I can focus solely on freelance work. It’s a good thing, I’ve been out of state on jobs three times since the semester ended. Teaching was...

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Ketcham Photographer Promo Video

I’m currently working on an HD promo video for photographers Mark and Stacy Ketcham. Mark and Stacy are featured in this month’s Rangefinder Magazine. Check back soon, I’ll be posting the video here when it’s ready.

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